My Photo Debit Card

F&M Bank now provides the opportunity for you to create a personalized debit card that is as unique as you are!

What will you need to get started?

  • An existing F&M Bank Debit Card.
    Your new My Card Creation Debit Card will be issued with the same debit card number as your existing card. You can continue using your current debit card until you’re My Card Creation card arrives. Destroy your old card once you receive and activate your new My Card Creation card. If you have any recurring debit card payments on your existing card, you will need to contact the merchant with your new expiration date. Contact your local branch if you do not already have an F&M Bank debit card number.
  • Your favorite photo!  
    My Card Creation allows you to upload your favorite photo! Some great examples are a photo of your family or friends, a photo of your pet, a favorite vacation spot or hobby, or your children’s artwork or choose from a variety of images in the gallery.  Any photo submitted to My Card Creation must comply with the 
    image guidelines below.
  • F & M Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any images, artwork, or logos.  Please ensure your image does not contain:
    • Professional photos that are under copyright, trademark (TM), or otherwise recognizable.
    • Text in the photo that is not clearly understandable.
    • Nudity or semi nudity.
    • Religious symbols, images and text.
    • Celebrities.
    • Statues.
    • Money.
    • Drinking and smoking.
    • Weapons or firearms.
    • Non-country flags.
    • Graffiti.
    • Gambling.
    • Hand signals.
    • Memes and viral images.

How much will it cost?

  • A $15.00 charge will be debited to your account at the time of production
  • Your My Card Creation Debit Card will expire every 5 years and your account will be automatically charged a replacement fee upon renewal 
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for your card to arrive.

Create Your Debit Card Today!

  • Upload your image, preview it, and confirm your account details.